Meet our Team:

Juan Pablo our Research Engineer

2 min readJul 27, 2021

Juan Pablo Forero Cortes’ role is to provide engaging technology-enabled educational solutions that empower and inspire children worldwide to become the best version of themselves.

Juan Pablo testing the UV levels on the Kiwrious App prototype

Juan Pablo is one of the embedded systems Research Engineers who has worked on bringing the Kiwrious Sensors to life. He is passionate about devising inclusive technological solutions that can enhance people’s lives.

Prior to this experience Juan Pablo was a research engineer at the Think Tank Team at Samsung Research America, where they stood ‘one step closer’ to the future.

“I am in charge of discovering interesting avenues of inquiry, generating solutions that can connect with both children and educators, and bringing in new perspectives that can further Kiwrious’ vision.”

What is the role of the engineers in the Kiwrious Team?

The Kiwrious Science Kit has been developed by an exceptional team of researchers at the Augmented Human Lab, based at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Let’s hear from Juan Pablo about working at Kiwrious…

“I love our team, they have invested countless hours to give rise to this initiative.

I like to see how incredibly imaginative and curious kids are, and how, with a little push from Kiwrious, they become intrigued about highly abstract concepts and the invisible worlds which can be accessed through our sensors.

Finally, I love the vision of our initiative, that has taken one-step forward in trying to promote educational equity.”

Which is your favourite sensor and why?

“I like the UV Sensor, perhaps because it is a door that leads towards the understanding of the nature of light itself, perhaps because it is where the Kiwrious’ journey started.”

What is your favourite city in the world and why?

“The world is our playground and we should embrace every moment to experience it. I have danced with members of the Maasai people in Kenya, walked through glaciers in Alaska, climbed volcanoes in Indonesia, been surrounded by a thousand hummingbirds at the Cocora Valley, swam with wild dolphins in Kaikoura, trained Muay Thai in Bangkok, and drunk sweet tea with strangers in the streets of Amman.

I encourage you to never stop experiencing!”

Thanks Juan Pablo for your efforts in our team, to ensure Kids remain curious about science.

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Kiwrious’ social mission is to foster a scientifically literate generation through their Kiwrious Science Experience.