Yvonne in design development mode.

Meet our team:

Yvonne our User Experience Designer

2 min readMay 24, 2021


What does UX really mean? Well luckily here at Kiwrious we have Yvonne to lead our product and online design. UX stands for User Experience and is the art of ensuring what we create for Kiwrious meets the needs of our teachers and students. Yvonne is based in Singapore and connects online with our team and customers regularly.

Here is a little more about Yvonne….
Having studied industrial design at university, Yvonne spent a few years working for a start-up as a product designer. Yvonne went on to complete her research masters focusing on the use of immersive technology in children’s learning.

Lets hear from Yvonne about the different things she does at Kiwrious…

“I work on the design side of things. Talking to teachers and students, coming up with concepts together with the team, visualizing them in the form of mockups and prototypes, testing them, and communicating with the developers who do the magic to make it actually happen. I also work on the content and resources we put up on the Kiwrious platform together with the curriculum team.”

What do you enjoy most about working with Kiwrious?

“So many things! Supporting fun, curiosity and play in learning is a mission I 100% believe in. We have a great team of people and it’s a joy to work with them. My favourite part of the job is talking to our “Superkiwrious” user testers, especially the kids, and seeing how they use our prototypes. The way they perceive things is very different, hearing their points of view and seeing what they notice and do is very interesting, I learn a lot from them.”

Thanks Yvonne for your great ideas and creativity for finding the fun in science! Helping us keep kiwi kids curious!!

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