‘Super Kiwrious’ Users on a Space Mission….

1 min readJan 12, 2021

Just prior to the Summer Holidays Kiwrious hosted over 20 students from a mix of schools to come together to play with our Kiwrious Science Experience in the Unleash Space at the University of Auckland.

Loads of goo, and many household items were tested with a mix of Conductivity, UV and Air Quality sensors.
The students undertook a Kiwrious Space Mission to save their crewmates.

Super Kiwrious Users testing the smell of some household products

Their mission was to make sure the air in the spaceship was safe to breathe again, by finding out what could be polluting the air. So using the Air Quality Sensor they had to see what was creating the poisonous levels in the cabin.
Was it stationery items or personal items that were toxic? The students had fun testing nail polish, glue sticks, hand sanitiser and much more.

We are exploring different ways to have more fun with the sensors. If you want to be part of our Tribe of Kiwrious students. Please email us on hello@kiwrious.com




Kiwrious’ social mission is to foster a scientifically literate generation through their Kiwrious Science Experience.