Who makes learning science fun? …. The teachers of course!!

2 min readJun 23, 2021


We have been travelling the country delivering our Kiwrious Science Kits. We have connected with approximately 70 junior high school teachers via webinars and workshops to share how to use their Kiwrious Science Experience Kits.
Associate Professor Dawn Garbett, Director of Kiwrious, led the discussions on scientific inquiry working with the teachers to explore how the kits could best be used considering the emphasis on the Nature of Science in the curriculum changes.

Dawn commented “ Teachers need to teach about scientific inquiries explicitly — this is not something that the students will necessarily pick up for themselves unless we help them see that Science is a very special way of understanding the world.”

Alisha Smith, Kaiapoi High School, can be seen comparing the conductivity of water, with and without salt, guided by Assoc. Professor Dawn Garbett.

The teachers had the chance to use the Kiwrious Inquiry Editor and created their own inquiries using one of the six different Kiwrious sensors on offer.

They experienced first hand exploring normally unseen or invisible scientific phenomena, such as UV, light, or humidity with the sensors. It was great to see them so excited, asking questions and using the sensors in ways we hadn’t suggested.

The Christchurch teachers can be seen here taking measurements using the Kiwrious sensors.

“ I like that it’s going to get my students to start asking their own questions and having a way to easily answer their own questions …bringing in the language of science and critiquing others’ work” said Katie Legg, Oxford Area School.

Katie Legg, Oxford Area School, checking on the humidity of her steaming cup of coffee with Sonia Dupuch, CEO of Kiwrious. Dr Alaeddin Nassani, Kiwrious’ software engineer, looks on.

Kiwrious uses interactive learning technology that makes doing science fun, relevant and engaging, this encourages students to design inquiries, make multiple observations, replicate others’ inquiries to share and discuss with their friends.

The supporting teaching resources are based on curriculum teaching guidelines, and designed to facilitate collaboration, discovery and learning.

For more information check out www.kiwrious.com or email hello@kiwrious.com




Kiwrious’ social mission is to foster a scientifically literate generation through their Kiwrious Science Experience.